Dance Music


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 Calum onstage under a spotlight.

Benaroya Hall 2004

 Calum on stage playing fiddle next to Bruce seated playing bagpipes.

Benaroya Hall Seattle, Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert 2004. Calum and Bruce Gandy.

 Sound check at Benaroya

Benaroya Hall Sound Check

 Chanters and fiddles around the kitchen table. Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert

Benaroya Hall. Mastery of Scottish Arts Concert. Chanters and fiddles around the kitchen table.

 Calum with class of fiddlers

Swannanoa 2002. Advanced Scottish Fiddle Class.

 Calum playing fiddle on deck. Muriel playing piano in background. Little girl looks on curiously.

"When I grow up I want to be a fiddler..."

 Calum outdoors with group of girls holding fiddles.

Beginners Fiddle Class. Tiree feis 1998

 Calum holds fiddle standing next to Andy Imbrie seated on piano bench. Both wear kilts.

Calum and Andy Imbrie at Santa Fe 2000

 Calum seated next to Doug McPhee on a piano bench. Both are smiling broadly.

Calum and Doug McPhee at the Gaelic College in Cape Breton in 2002.