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Praise for Calum's Workshops

I have had a violin in my hands for 37 years. I've been performing for 30, and teaching for 15. I can say with absolute confidence and honesty that Calum is a master teacher. His presentation and instruction was absolutely wonderful! And his skill as a fiddler is just amazing. He was able to take a group of fiddlers composed of beginners and advanced players and reach each one as if we were the only one in class. I certainly came away from the workshop feeling more confident and excited and encouraged by what I'd learned. I learned more about the "why's" and "how to's" than at any other fiddle class I'd ever taken.

— Trish Featherstone, Fiddle workshop, Columbus Ohio, June 2003

Calum is an outstanding teacher. He knows the style well and is able to communicate it effectively. He is also exceptionally generous with his time and really shows a caring interest in each student. Calum is a gem in the world of Celtic music.

Calum is just a superb teacher. His wealth of knowledge about Scottish music is incredible and he knows how to teach so that you can learn the tunes no matter what level you’re at and he also challenges you no matter what level you are at.

Calum is a wonderful teacher. He is funny and entertaining along with being a fabulous instructor. Best of all, he is very understanding of, and accessible to, the less advanced students. The information on musical embellishments was excellent .Now I know why I like some musical styles better than others. It has allowed me to hear music in a whole new way.

Calum was interesting, informative and kind. I cannot imagine a better instructor.

I'm a bit smitten with Calum after having taken his class. He speaks well and obviously loves sharing the music. He took time to discuss teaching ideas with me and gave us a fabulous resource list. He has a sound I never want to forget.

Dear Calum, .... Your workshops were the most valuable and inspiring of any I've ever attended...at least over the last 40 years or so....

— Robin Shaylor, Portland Workshops, June 2004

Truly there were moments of heartstopping beauty in that week. I was privileged to sit and listen while you and Alasdair played together..two masters weaving in and out melodies and transfixing all who had the pleasure to eavesdrop on the moment.

— Maria Blair, Mastery of Scottish Arts Winter School Seabeck WA .January 2005

Calum was a brilliant instructor. He opened my eyes to a world which I could delve into for the rest of my life and never master. The man has no ego and is the consummate instructor AND performer.

— Fiddle student., Swannanoa Gathering Celtic Week Scottish Fiddle Class 2004

Not only is Calum an excellent fiddle player, he is an excellent teacher. He knows the history of each tune and is eager to pass on this information to his students. I will take his class again no matter what he is teaching.

— Fiddle student, Swannanoa Gathering Celtic Week Scottish Fiddle Class 2004

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