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It’s About Time, is Calum’s first recording. Over the last few years, Calum’s collaboration with Muriel Johnstone in playing for Scottish Country Dances, led to their decision in 2003 to produce a CD of tunes they enjoyed in common. The result is this compilation of tunes old and new. Some sets are from a particular period and style and some span hundreds of years and thousands of miles.They include ancient Gaelic melodies, the fiddle music of 18th Century Edinburgh, driving reels from Scotland and Canada and recent compositions by both Calum and Muriel. Muriel and Calum are joined by Judith Peacock-Cummings, clàrsach, Ralph Gordon, bass, and Germaine Morgan, cello. The fine analogue recording and mixing was done in the superb Sage Arts Studio in Arlington, Washington State.

To order It's About Time from the US and Canada, mail a cheque for $16.50 USD or CDN to:

Calum MacKinnon
Skerryvore Records
510 12th Avenue N
Edmonds, WA 98020

To order from other locations, please e-mail Calum for information. To purchase by credit card, please visit: www.scotscores.com

Track Listing • click on the linked tracks to hear a sample • Real Audio Player required

  1. Madam Frederick , Angus Grant’s Welcome to Fiddle Tunes, Johnnie Muise’s Reel, The Clumsy Lover
  2. Shingly Beach
  3. Mr Wilson’s Hornpipe, Miss Isabella Robertson’s Reel, Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive’s) Favourite Reel, Dr James Hamilton’s Reel.
  4. Master Francis Sitwell
  5. Tha mi am Cadal, Mrs Oswald (of Auchincruive’s) New Strathspey, Mr Robert MacKay of Edinburgh, Braighe Bhanbh, Calabria
  6. Theid mi dhachaich ‘chro chinn t-saile (I shall return to Kintail)
  7. The Kerfunten Jig, Dan Collins’ Father’s Jig, Grace Morrison of Borve
  8. The Dutchess of Bedford’s Strathspey, The Dutchess of Manchester’s Farewell to the Highlands of Scotland, The Marchioness of Huntly’s Strathspey, Mrs Fraser’s Reel – Cullen, Miss Elenora Robertson
  9. Sandy’s New Chanter, Train Journey North
  10. Nathaniel Gow’s Lament on the Death of his Brother, Elke Baker, MacKinnon’s Rant, MacKinnon’s Other Rant, Calum Beag
  11. After, Tracy in Flight
  12. Rory MacLeod, The Hen’s March, Cork Hill.